Vatgereickt barrels

Vatgereickt is a new initiative by the people behind well-known names in the beer and whisky industry. The Holevoort beer brewery from Bakel, the Kneiter beer brewery from Tilburg, and the independent whisky bottlers Perfectdram from Alkmaar. These 3 parties have joined forces to import high-quality barrels, primarily from Scotland. In addition to using them to age our own beers and introducing a new barrel-aged series to the market, these barrels are made available for purchase by other breweries, beverage manufacturers, and interested parties. Vatgereickt inspects and revises the barrels if necessary, after which they appear on a list on this website and can be viewed and/or picked up on selected days. Don't wait too long and seize the opportunity! In addition, Vatgereickt also offers garden accessories and we launch our own BBQ wood chips, both made from old whisky barrels.

Garden accessories

Open Barrel Days

Soon we will be launching our Open Barrel Days where you can view and purchase barrels. More information coming soon. Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.

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